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We can't Hit our goals without you.

15 tips to help you reach your fundraising goals!


1. Be vulnerable 

  • Make people feel empowered and inspired 

  • Step outside your comfort zone 

  • Ask friends family members teachers and co workers to help you

  • Not everyone will donate and that is ok! the important thing is that we spread awareness


2. Have a goal 

  • Challenge yourself

  • $55 to be a part of the best day of your life 

  • $100 for committee members 

  • $500 for morale leaders 

  • These numbers seem scary at first but we are here to help 


3. Donor drive 

  • Customize 

  • Add a picture 

  • Tell people why you stand 

  • Add a link to the GC Miracle website 

  • Ask for people to join you in reaching your goal 

Talk about how our money this year is going towards building a new Children's Hospital!


4. Texting 

  • Save donor drive link in your notes 

  • Once a month go through and text 5 people in your contacts 

    • Text 5 pals asking for a $1 donation!


5. Sell old stuff 

  • Bobcat exchange 

  • Organization fb page 

  • Mini yard sale 

  • Craigs list? 

  • Instead of Venmo have your friends pay you back on your Donor Drive!

  • Platos closet 

  • Sell your old textbooks back (Chegg) 


6. Incentives 

"if i reach certain amount i will..." 

  • Make best//challenges with your friends 

  • Great for intramural games football games and grades 

  • Post funny pics of yourself 

  • Shave head 

  • Wear a costume to class

  • Sing out loud on front campus 

  • Bake everyone cookies 

  • Donate for a tbh

  • Be a designated driver for your friends and ask them to donate to your donor drive 

  • Host a dinner 'dine and donate'

  • Upperclassmen always making you swipe them into the Max? Start asking them for a dollar or two for the large meal they receive and save that money up For The Kids


7. Carry around a change jar 

  • Curiosity leads to donations 

  • You can always find change on the ground 

  • Keep a jar in your room 

  • Go canning downtown or in the classroom (canning is essentially when you carry around a change jar and ask for donations)

It helps to keep an excel spreadsheet showing: 

  • Who donated

  • Donation size

  • Who have you contacted 

  • Who haven't you asked 


8. Chores  

  • Mow the lawn 

  • Pick up sticks 

  • Babysit

  • Dog or cat sit

  • House sit 


9. Personal letters 

  • Write them out = more personal 

  • Send out around the holidays and ask for donations as a gift 

  • Provide an envelope and stamp for them to mail their donation to you 

  • Personal emails are great too 

  • Ask family or friends to send out an email on your behalf. This way you can access their connections. 

  • Follow up with a phone call

  • Put a return envelope/stamp with the letter you send. 

  • Send emails between business hours.

  • Keep it short and simple.

  • Use color and bold to emphasize important information.


Click here for a template letter!


10. Social media 

  • Put your dd link in bio

  • Post your donor drive on Facebook and tag friends 

  • Tweet about it 

  • Give shout outs to people who have donated 

  • Ask for donations on your birthday 

  • Ask your parents to post your donor drive link on their Facebook pages 

  • Tweet at celebrities 

  • Share your story to make it more personal 


11. Join together 

  • Grab some friends and host a:

  • Bake sale 

  • Car wash

  • Yard sale 

  • Lemonade stand 

  • Ask your organization to host a dress down chapter on your behalf 


12. Use your talents 

  • Make personalized items and sell them (tshirts, buttons, bracelets) 

  • Photography

  • Paint

  • Sculpt

  • Sing 

  • Dance 

  • Tutor 


13. Athletics 

  • Ask people to sponsor your race

  • Marathon 

  • 1/2 marathon 

  • Triathlon 

  • Obstacle race 

  • Fitness challenge

  • Fitbit 


14. Miscellaneous 

  • Sponsor a RT on twitter 

  • Donate one night of your tips 

  • Give up 1 CFA breakfast or Starbucks coffee 

  • Give rides to class 

  • Door to door 

  • Make an announcement in class

  • Become a student spotlight 


15. Use some math 

  • Think about your goal 

  • Divide it by 5 

  • That # is how many people you can ask for a $5 donation 

  • EX: goal =$100 

  • 100/5=20 

That's only 20 friends who donate $5!!


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