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We wouldn't be here without our Alumni. They inspire us and keep us going to achieve bigger and better things every year. If you're an alumni you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter or read below to find ways to get involved.

Your journey as a Georgia College Miracle Maker doesn't end at graduation. GC Miracle is a life-long committment to philanthropic service and leadership. We are so thankful to have such an amazing alumni base that has allowed us to grow as an organization. Everyone has the ability to make a difference in the lives of children.  


This year, GC Miracle has the opportunity to help the hospital we have donated our money to for the past 15 years by donating our money we raise this year to building a new hospital. We are going to help build a new hospital from the ground up that will help many more generations of miracle kids to come. 

A donation to GC Miracle is not only impacting the lives of children and the families affected by pediatric illness, alumni supporters are exemplifying to GC students what it is like to stand for those who can’t. 


What started out 15 years ago has flourished into over $1,000,000 raised for BKO Children's Hospital, Navicent Health, becoming the largest student-run philanthropy on our campus. While GC Miracle has grown to incredible heights, our mission and goals remain the same- to fight for the next generation of kids. Whether you have experienced GC Miracle has a member on the executive board or just as a dancer at our Dance Marathon event, you are a part of a program that is quickly becoming a popular tradition on campus. 

Together, the Georgia College community will continue to make a difference in the lives of children. For more information on how to become a Miracle Maker and continue the fight against pediatric illness as an alum, please contact Alex McGarty, Alumni Relations Director at

Let's all build a better future for the kids!!


Ways for you to get involved as an alumni: 

  1. Signing up for newsletter 

    • Our Director of Alumni Relations, Carrigan Flotlin, will send out a newsletter once a month to keep you informed about the year.

  2. Alumni events 

    • We have 1 official event per semester 

  3. Sign up on donor drive as an alumni

  4. Become an Alumni Miracle Maker 

    • We post your picture and donor drive on social media to help you raise money for that day 

  5. Alumni Spotlight

    • We do student and alumni spotlights every week  


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