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Morale is the heartbeat of Dance Marathon.


Quotes from past morale leaders:
"Morale lEADERS attend every GC Miracle event to not only hype everyone up, but to support the movement that we all fight so hard for. They constantly remind us of why we stand and the reason we keep moving forwarD." -Cameron Shuler 
"Being a morale leader was one of the best experiences for me. I got to hype people up with an amazing group of people that keep the energy high for the kids." - Nina Tovey 
"In my 2 years as a morale leader, my love for the kids and for this organization grew more and more. together we were able to make so many miracles happen. take it from me, There is truly no better feeling than dancing for the kids with people who are just as  passionate as you are."-Alli Bivins
"Morale has been the absolute best part of my college experience. from dancing my heart out, to fundraising for the sweet kids, and everything in between, my love and passion for gc miracle has only grown." - Rachel Thompson
"morale is the heart of this organization and it has given so much meaning to my college experience. it gave me the opportunity to learn how to lead a team and to fundraise for a cause I'm so passionate about." Kelley Orr  
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