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A decade of dance

Georgia College Miracle is the largest student-led fundraiser on the Georgia College & State University campus. Starting in 2005, Dance Marathon and Georgia College Miracle has made a huge difference for Children's Hospital, Navicent Health and its patients. 

Georgia College Miracle Dance Marathon is a 365-day movement dedicated to saving kids's lives. Our organization is part of a network of schools under the umbrella, Children's Miracle Network Dance Marathon. The 365-days we dedicate to making miracles happen is made possible through a year's worth of hard work. Everyone in our Miracle family participates in raising as much money as possible by the end of the year. But, participants are not on their own for raising money. Throughout the year, we have multiple fundraising events to help make miracles. These events are put on during the year and lead up to the 12-hour event of Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is a celebration for everyone involved; it celebrates the success of every director, committee member, and participant involved in making miracles happen. 

The people involved in GC Miracle all have a variety of reasons for joining the movement, different reasons for standing. Some stand for personal reasons. Some stand solely for the cause. But, we all stand For The Kids. Whatever your 'why' may be, we encourage you to take part in this movement. GC Miracle is an organization that fights for miracles. GC Miracle takes part in raising awareness for Children's Miracle Network. Throughout the country, CMN Hospitals and Dance Marathon programs have raised over $150 million since 1991 and over $26 million in the last year alone. Yet, this movement is just getting started. 

If you are interested in learning about how you can get involved with the largest student lead philanthropy then click on our "get involved tab" to start your miracle making journey. The money raised by CMN and Georgia College Miracle does not just simply happen overnight; schools across the country have made every cent count in order to fulfill this lasting legacy of the movement. The movement that can unite people for a sole purpose: the kids. 

By the numbers

Since 2005, GC Miracle has raised over close to $1,000,000 for Children's Hospital, Navicent Health. That's almost one million miracles made for the over 500,000 patients served at the Children's Hospital in the past decade. 


In our first year, GC Miracle raised around $3,000 with roughly 30 students. Since then we have grown to over 500 student participants, and $250,373.98 raised last year. This amazing number doesn't just happen over night, though. We have numerous fundraisers throughout the year, in addition to the personal fundraising our participants do. We also have many sponsors in our local community that support us in every way possible. 

Miracle Kids

What pushes everyone to give 110%? Our Miracle Kids. These are the children, ranging from newborn to twenty-two years old, that have directly benefited from the Children's Hospital, Navicent Health. Having these kids and their families as a part of the GC Miracle family gives us a tangible reason to do all that we can. Everything we do is to change kid's health! 

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