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Lindy Rose: Internal Branch Director

Major: Mass communication

Minor: Marketing

Graduating Year: 2023

My WHY: I participate in Miracle because it’s an organization that comes together bigger than the people itself in it to fight for a cause for children's’ health. I fight for these kids because no kid should have to spend their childhood in a hospital and no family should have to watch that. They shouldn’t have to worry what the next bill is they should be thinking what will their birthday party theme be! I want there to be more family trips, more birthdays, more school performances, and so much more! These kids deserve to know they aren’t alone in the fight but that they have a big support system behind them who fight alongside them.

Most excited for this year: I am most excited to see this organization build back up to what it use to be if not even better! This board I work alongside with has so much passion and determination to make this organization be the best it can be for these kids! I’m excited to build relationships with our miracle families and see the miracles and differences we make!

Favorite Milly restaurant: The Brick or El Amigo! Depends on the vibe I'm going for!

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