Lindy Rose: Director of Greek Relations

Major: Mass communication

Minor: Marketing

Graduating Year: 2023

My WHY: I fight for the kids because they don’t deserve to miss out on things because they are in the hospital. Not only do I fight for the kids but teens too because they are also effected just as much and miss out on a lot. I fight because they deserve to be happy and have someone showing joy towards them! I want to be the person who shows the families and kid that they can do it and someone is here cheering them on! I want families to have hope! I fight because the journey doesn’t end on the last treatment. They still have to go back for checkups and no kid should have to fear the results. I fight for more birthdays and trips and dances and tournaments! I fight because they can’t stop and I won’t!

Most excited for this year: I am looking forward to being more hands on and involved!

Favorite Milly restaraunt: The Brick