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Emma Hardy: Director of Hospital Relations 
IMG_4449 - Emma Hardy.jpeg

Major: Nursing 

Graduating Year: 2025

My WHY: GC Miracle has been apart of my life ever since 2019 when I was a patient at BKO Children"s Hospital myself due health issues. I got to be on the receiving end of all that Miracle had to offer. When I got to GCSU, I knew I wanted to be involved with GC Miracle to be able to give back to the organization and hospital that had given me so much through all the hospital admissions. Now being Director of Hospital Relations, I get to be the outlet between GC Miracle and BKO Children's Hospital. I was once the teenager in the hospital bed doing the crafts that GC Miracle sent to the hospital and now I get to be the one who comes up with the crafts and that is so special to me.

Most excited for this year: Dance Marathon

Fun fact: I've had 5 concussions.

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