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Lilah Gapp: Digital Marketing Executive

Major: Nursing

Graduating Year: 2026

My WHY: I got involved in Miracle as a Morale Leader for Thunderthon and fell in love with the organization. I came to college wanting to make a difference and be part of something important, and I love that I found Miracle. I absolutely adore this organization and I am so incredibly grateful that I get to be a part of something so amazing that does such incredible things for kids in need. I am surrounded by the most incredible and hardworking people and getting to help the kids in need is so awesome and rewarding! I do this for the kids who can't and to make our incredible executive board proud!

Most excited for this year: I am so excited for everything we have planned for this year, but I am most excited for Thunderthon 2024 and hopefully breaking $100k for the kids in need!

Fun fact: I can juggle!

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