• Mary Mason Beale

A Day to Make History

Last semester was a whirlwind. It was a crucial time for GC Miracle to make it the most successful semester yet. Without a doubt, our biggest success of the semester was 100 dollar day. Students involved with Miracle ranging from DM Reps, Morale Leaders, Committee Members, Faculty, Participants, and the Executive Board were encouraged to do whatever it took to personally raise 100 dollars in 24 hours. As a collective whole, we wanted to reach $24,000 in 24 hours. We were slightly nervous, but thought it was an awesome goal to strive towards. The day was filled with the blowing up of social media with donor drives, change jars galore on campus, Facebook live videos of extremely hilarious incentives to get people to donate, people getting food thrown on them for donations at the A&S fountain, and even a mustard costume.

This day encouraged me personally, because in 24 hours I raised more than I did the entire previous fundraising year.

It was truly incredible to watch the 100 dollar day total grow in leaps and bounds throughout the day. By 8pm that night we hit $24,000, and guess what we said?! LET’S GOOOOOOOOO!!! That’s what we said!!! Everyone got so hyped. We kept pushing until midnight. Our hashtag changed to 30kInOneDay.

Seconds before the clock struck 12 we hit 30,000 dollars. It was absolute insanity.

Everyone was so excited and sharing the great news with all their donors about how each and every one of them that donated were a part of that amazing accomplishment. That is 30,000 more dollars going towards building a new children’s hospital providing a countless amount of miracles for so many children and their families.

I think it really struck a lot of people that day that a mere fundraising organization could not accomplish this feat… a movement could. That’s what GC Miracle is… we are a movement.

A movement that will not stop until childhood cancer is wiped off the face of the planet, and we won’t stop dancing, we won’t stop raising awareness, and we won’t stop enabling miracles until that day comes.

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