• Mikayla Gallo

Forever FTK

12 hours. In those short 12 hours we are affecting so many lives in such a positive way. Last year, I made the decision to participate in Dance Marathon without knowing really anything about it. I just knew we were helping kids at the Children’s Hospital, but I slowly learned it was so much more than just that. After listening to each of the kids stories throughout those 12 hours, it made me truly realize why we were there and how many lives we were affecting. ​In 2013, I lost a good friend and teammate to brain cancer and I always knew I wanted to help others in some way but I never knew how. Dance Marathon and being on GC Miracle Exec this year gives me the opportunity to help others and change people’s lives for the better. It truly has been a blessing and heartwarming experience and I have loved every second of it. Forever FTK!

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