• Veronica Ulicny

For the Hope

As a mere freshman in Phi Mu, I had no idea what philanthropy, nonetheless what CMN was. All I thought was “okay, we raise money for sick kids.” Little did I know those “kids” would quickly turn into an inspiration that made my college years truly mean something bigger than myself. I was told that we would go to the hospital to make the kids’ days better, to make them smile, to forget about their troubles and pain. But the script flipped. It wasn’t me who was making their day better. The kids made my day better, the kids made me smile, the kids made me forget about my troubles. “How can someone who is going through so much, with IV’s and radiations and breathing tubes, how can they be so happy?” I thought to myself. That is the purest form of hope. The hope and happiness that was poured into me at my first hospital visit has only grown. Moving from just a simple sorority girl, to a Morale Leader, to now serving on the Executive Board and having a position that is solely to inspire and motivate others for one simple reason: for the kids. I have no ties to CMN. I am not a miracle child, nor do I personally have a connection to one in my family or close friends. I am a just a simple heart that was changed by the smile of a little fighter. With all the hard work, late nights, and stress that come with the executive board for Miracle, it’s important to never let go of the fact that nothing we ever do is wasted for a child. Whether it’s waking up at 7am to put up a giant inflatable duck on campus or having sore muscles from practicing the Morale Dance all night, its all for the kids, and therefore, its all worth it. So to the kids, thank you. Thank you for inspiring all of us every day with your strength and your smiles. And until there is a cure, we will not stop for you.

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