• Lauren Sapp

Finding Your Passion

Growing up, my parents always told me to find something I loved and to do it well. I never really understood what they meant by that until my sophomore year of college. That was the year I became involved with the Children’s Hospital in Macon. That was the year I found what I love, my passion. And that was the year I found out what I wanted to do with my life. I went to Dance Marathon my freshman year and had a blast, but I didn’t quite understand what it all meant. But my sophomore year I became the philanthropy chair assistant for my sorority and our philanthropy is Children’s Miracle Network. I got to be more involved with fundraising events and I got to visit the hospital for the first time. That’s when it all changed. I got to meet a four year old little boy who was happier than any child I had ever met. His smile was big, his laughter contagious, and his attitude was positive. At that moment as I looked at this bald headed little boy pulling an IV pole behind him as we moved to the couch to play the Wii, I realized that these are the kind of kids that deserve all the help we can give them. He had every reason in the world to sit in his hospital room and not want to play, but instead he was a fighter and wasn’t going to let his illness get him down. So that spring, after attending my second Dance Marathon, I applied to be on the executive board for Georgia College Miracle. Last year I served as Family and Hospital Relations Chair, and this year I am the Internal Director. This organization has changed my life for the better in every way possible. I have a new outlook on life, I have met incredible people with the biggest hearts, and it helped me find my passion. I’ll be graduating in May and I now know that I want to have a job where I can make an impact on others. I would love to work at a children’s hospital or non-profit that helps sick children, but as long as I’m making a difference I’ll be happy. So my challenge to you is to find something you love, something that you want to work hard for, and something that can make a difference in the world. “Working hard for something we don’t care is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion” -Simon Sinek

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